Alexa. Siri. Google Assistant. Cortana. Bixby. Almost everyone uses at least one of these common AI technologies when doing a voice search.

More than half of search queries are projected to be done through voice search within the next decade. With more and more people going hands-free, voice search is undoubtedly the future of information gathering.

This technology will impact all industries including local businesses. If you’re a business owner, you must optimize your voice search directory listings and website to adapt to this technology. Here, we’ll help you understand what voice search is, how it impacts your business, and what you can do to adapt to this technology

What Is Voice Search and How Does It Work?

Voice search is a functionality based on speech recognition technology. The technology uses algorithms and natural language processing systems to put sound packets we project into context. This enables voice search programs to identify the words we speak, run them through the search database, and provide relevant results. Today, voice search is being used to search the Internet through smartphones, tablets, smart speakers, and other mobile gadgets.

When you ask Alexa to "find you a plumber", it reads back the listings that are featured at the top of the voice search directory results. You'll want your business information to be suggested by Alexa when someone asks for your services or products.

Why Is Voice Search Important for Local Businesses?

While voice search is still considered an emergent technology, it’s already growing in popularity and bound to be the main method of search in the near future.  

In a 2018 research on voice search for local business, 58% of the respondents noted that they used voice search for information on a local business in the last 12 months. The same study indicated that a mere 18% of consumers say they wouldn’t use voice search for local business information. These numbers indicate the significant impact of this technology on local businesses.  

The top queries for voice searches are the nearest grocery stores, restaurants, food deliveries, clothing stores, and cafés. Thus, local shops must take steps to ensure that they can be easily discovered by consumers in voice search results.  

As a business owner, you need to improve your online visibility through search engine optimization. You must ensure that both your voice search directory listings and website supply pertinent information that your customers need. This is essential in improving customer experience and staying ahead of your competition.

Optimize Your Business For Voice Search Through Voice Command

When consumers ask, “Hey Siri, where is the closest tire shop?”, you'll want your shop to be featured in voice search directory results and be the one that Siri suggests. For this to happen, it is critical to optimize your voice search directory listings and website for voice search.

Voice Command understands how important it is for local businesses to be found through voice search, that is why they strive to help those who may be struggling to adapt to this technology. Through their Voice Search Plans, your business information is featured in the major voice search directory listings accessed by Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Bixby.

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