Google Ads has reshaped the digital marketing game for decades. But the question is, is it still a worthwhile investment for SMEs or enterprises? The safest answer is it depends. The best course of action is to review these considerations to determine if Google Ads is still beneficial for your business.

Is Google Ads Worth It? Pros and Cons

Here are the general advantages and drawbacks of Google Ads:


  • Optimizes Exposure - Online users who conduct online product or service research will come across your business right away.
  • Targets Intent - Google Ads helps brands get in front of people who have actual buying intent.
  • Efficiency - Compared to organic strategies that could take months to bring traffic and engagement, paid ads will gain traction faster.
  • High ROI - Stats suggest that Google Ads optimization can bring around $2 for every $1 spent, and Google even has the numbers to say that Google Ads could return $8 for every dollar spent.


  • Costs - Google Ads is designed to be paid per click. Some keywords are too pricey for SMEs.
  • Management - Google Ads optimization entails juggling various factors. Keyword research and overall structuring of the paid ads campaign should be according to your marketing budget and goals.

Factors That Impact Google Ads Cost for Business

Below are major factors that affect the cost relating to Google Ads campaigns:

Specific Field or Industry - Even if all types of industries can showcase their brand online, each marketing industry has a specific average stat of click-through rates, and ultimately, conversion rates. 

Buyer Journey - Google Ads cost will also depend on buyer journey. While some products require shorter customer lifecycles, other products or services will take months or years to capture leads, foster engagement, and convert online customers.

Economic Trends - Fluctuations in economy will affect how consumers behave, and in turn cause changes in purchasing behavior.

Is Google Ads Still Worth It in 2023?

In order to dive deeper into answering this, you can figure out what business goals and costs are specific to your company.

What Results Are You Looking For From Google Ads?

Google Ads is a game-changer for companies who want to escalate exposure and site traffic. However, Google Ads won't guarantee sales and leads, organic ranking, or that you can overtake your competitors simply by purchasing certain keywords in your industry. Have a realistic set of expectations when executing a PPC campaign.

What Is Your Profitability Strategy?

When it comes to Google Ads optimization, your brand can achieve any of these results: a directly profitable setup, an indirectly profitable one, or a break-even situation. The ROI depends on industry competition and how savvy you are with choosing keywords

The Takeaway

Google Ads requires a lot of interplay among different factors and business considerations. If you hire an agency, be ready for the cost of hiring experts. There is also a DIY route, where resources about these topics can significantly help: Boost Your Google Ads Strategy with Five Key Elements—Ads Near Me, 5 Ways to Optimize Google Ads for Better Results—Ads Near Me.

As long as consumers use Google as a main search engine, Google Ads will remain relevant across industries. Navigate your Google Ads optimization with help from Ads Near Me. Get started today.