The digital space is filled with all sorts of brands trying to reach their desired audiences. As a business owner, you want your business to be able to stand out among the rest. Naturally, you want both potential and recurring customers to be able to find you quickly and conveniently. One of the best ways to do so is by adding your business to Waze.

The Popularity of Waze

Waze is a GPS navigation app that can be accessed using any mobile device with GPS capabilities. It’s currently one of the most popular map apps worldwide, and many people use it daily to find the quickest route to their intended destination.

With approximately 140 million unique monthly active users worldwide and 30 million monthly active users in the U.S., Waze is second only to parent company Google’s Google Maps. However, many prefer using Waze because of its incredibly user-friendly interface. Additionally, Waze is highly community-centric and uses live, crowdsourced data to inform users of driving conditions. Here are some of the other pros of using Waze:

• Constant collection of data and information allows the app to update travel times to users’ destinations and offer them the route with the least obstructions

• Use of the app is gamified, and users get to enjoy various fun icons based on their level

• Users can share their trips with their friends and keep them in the loop

• Users can spot friends who are also using Waze on the map

• The app can show highly recommended establishments around the local area

You can also tap into Waze’s massive user base and use it to your advantage. Given the app’s widespread popularity, getting your business listed on Waze is a sure way to get found by customers. It’s especially handy in boosting your business’s presence for local search, as many consumers use Waze to look for establishments nearest to them.

What Is a Waze Business Listing?

A Waze business listing is an establishment’s identity on Waze. This is what consumers use to get directions to your business. A Waze business listing should include:

• Business’s name

• Phone or mobile number

• Complete address

• Link to business’s website

• Opening hours

• List of services or products

• Nearby parking spaces

• Photos of establishment

When you add your business to Waze, make sure to provide all pertinent information, so customers know where to find you and how to contact you. The key to making your listing effective is completing your details. Doing so optimizes your Waze business listing.  

The Benefits of a Waze Business Listing

1. Opportunity to reach new customers

As mentioned, Waze has tens of millions of monthly active users. That’s the potential amount of people your business can reach. Add to this the number of people who use their devices to search for and learn more about businesses, products, and services online. Of this demographic who conduct searches for local businesses, 76% visit a related local establishment within the same day.  

When consumers search for a local business, it’s highly likely that they already have an intention to purchase a product or service. Getting listed on a navigational app like Waze may boost store and website traffic, which can, in turn, drive up your business’s sales and revenue.

2. Amps up visibility and reach

Navigational apps like Waze are used to find local businesses. Because of Waze’s location-based search feature, recurring and potential customers can easily find your business when they browse online or on the app. Increased reach and visibility also help establish your business in your particular industry and develop consumers’ trust in your brand, which will lead to more opportunities to attract even more customers.

3. Helps customers travel to you

Since Waze uses crowdsourced information to plan out travel routes and updates its data in real-time, your customers are offered the best routes to reach you at the time of their visit. They also get to find out which times your business is at its busiest, so they can adjust their visit accordingly.  

Why You Should Claim Your Waze Business Listing

It’s essential to not only claim your Waze business listing but also to optimize it for potential and recurring customers.  

1. Boosts local SEO

As a business owner, you already know that SEO is a crucial tool to stand out online. Local SEO works very much like typical SEO, but it uses different ranking factors to determine websites’ rankings online. It primarily analyzes how you would benefit users around your area based on their search queries. Claiming your Waze business listing is one of the best ways to boost your local SEO efforts, as a verified listing allows you to appear on more sites across the web.

2. Establishes credibility

By claiming and optimizing your business listing on Waze, you’re ensuring that all information about your business is accurate and updated. When your listing provides complete details, such as your address, opening hours, and photos, this helps build trust in customers. In turn, this may translate to more clients and boost your brand’s revenue.

3. Makes it easy for customers to contact you

Including your phone number or website link in your listing makes it more convenient for users to get in touch with you. You’ll also be able to readily address any inquiries they may have.    

Get Your Business Listed on Waze

You might be wondering: “How do I add my business to Waze?” Getting your business listed on all major map apps can prove to be tedious, and you might have difficulty optimizing your listings by yourself. This is where iMapping steps in.

iMapping boosts your business’s visibility and helps customers locate you more easily by listing your business on all major navigation apps. With iMapping, your business can benefit from getting listed on apps like Waze, Google Maps, Bing, and Apple Maps. Additionally, you’ll be listed in over 500 car models that support the CarPlay platform.

Getting your business listed on Waze is a sure way to boost your business’s online presence and connect with more customers. With a Waze business listing, you stand to reach millions of individuals who use their smart devices and navigational apps to find businesses near them.  

Add your business to Waze and all other major navigational apps with iMapping. Check out iMapping’s plans here today.