The future of search is here. While others still consider it an emergent technology, voice search has definitely changed the way people look for information. The majority of consumers are now asking Siri, Alexa, Google, and other voice assistants to help them find what they need on the web. As a business owner, you must make sure that your information can be found by these voice search technologies.  

Here are 7 of the latest voice search statistics that indicate how this technology impacts your business.

Voice Search Statistics That Matter

  1. Approximately 3.25 billion digital voice assistants are used in electronic devices across the globe. This estimate is projected to surge to 8 billion units in 2023. With speech recognition technology becoming more advanced and intuitive, we can expect more consumers to utilize voice search within the next decade.
  1. In the United States alone, 110 million people are using virtual assistants on their electronic devices such as smart speakers and smartphones. This means that millions of consumers are bound to use voice search as they look for information on products and services.
  1. According to Voice Search for Local Business Study 2018, 58% of the consumers surveyed indicated that they have used voice search in the last 12 months to find information on local businesses. The same survey shows that less than one-fifth of the respondents wouldn’t use voice search for finding information on a local business. With the majority of consumers now utilizing the technology, local businesses must find ways to optimize for voice search.
  1. In November 2017, 35% of consumers were already using voice assistants to purchase clothes, food, and other products. Two years hence, this has likely doubled already. Today, chances are the majority of consumers are already using voice search to find information, order deliveries, and make purchases.
  1. Narvar’s Consumer Report in 2018 states that voice shopping is poised to go mainstream. The research indicates that 51% of shoppers use voice to research product information and 22% use voice to make purchases. Thus, it’s important to make information about your business discoverable through voice search.
  1. Over 250 billion search queries were done through voice search. This astounding data was gathered by the Voicebot Consumer Survey in 2019. Other data from the survey suggest that consumer use of voice search will continue to rise.
  1. In Global Windex’s 2018 Insight Report on Voice Search, 27% of the entire global online population uses voice search on their mobile devices. The same report says that 3 in 4 mobile users who use voice search also purchased a product through their mobile devices in the past month.

Voice Command Gets You Listed On Voice Search

These statistics underscore the impact of voice search on consumer behavior that can affect your own business growth. To keep up with technological changes, you must include voice search in your digital marketing strategies.

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