Effective and cost-efficient. These are primarily the reasons why more and more small businesses are leveraging text message marketing. If you’re a small business owner looking into this marketing channel, make sure you know the nitty gritty details before you jump into it.

Here’s a rundown of what text message marketing is, its benefits, and how you can use it to optimize your marketing strategy for better business growth.

How Text Message Marketing Works

Text message marketing utilizes permission-based text messaging to spread news and promotional messages to customers. Text messages are sent directly to the mobile phones of customers who have given consent to receive such messages.

The process generally goes through these steps:

1. A business entity enables a short code to accept text messages from customers. The short code is usually a 5 or 6-digit phone number.

2. Customers text a keyword to this short code to opt-in to receive messages.

3. Confirmation responses are sent with an opt-out code in case customers want to unsubscribe in the future.

4. The business entity sends promotional messages in mass to all opted-in customers.

Because an estimated 96% of Americans own a mobile phone, this method is among the fastest and easiest ways to reach a wide audience. When implemented properly, text message marketing can save marketing costs and increase business income.

Benefits of Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing is more than just text blasting. It’s a full-scale marketing solution that can help you improve different aspects of your business. Here are among the many ways it can help you grow your small business:

· Widens your market reach.  

In a mobile-dependent world, text messages can reach millions of customers in various locations. These customers can also easily forward your messages to their friends and help you increase your market even more.

· Elicits quick response from customers.

Text messages are short and take only a few seconds to read. When your customers open your texts, they respond almost immediately.

· Enhances customer engagement.

When you regularly send more personal and engaging text messages, you earn the devotion of your customers and build brand loyalty. Moreover, by giving them a more convenient way to reach you, you also improve customer service.

· Streamlines your marketing strategy.  

This structured marketing campaign saves you time and energy by automatically sending promotional info to all your customers at the same time.

· Boosts your sales.

Since customers are more likely to see and respond to text messages, you can potentially increase your conversions and generate more revenue.

Text Message Marketing Examples

To give you an idea on how text message marketing works, here are some examples from leading brands:

How to Use Text Message Marketing to Grow Your Small Business

To maximize the benefits you can gain from text message marketing, send out messages regularly but not intrusively. Routinely send news, promos, reminders, surveys, and other information that would be beneficial to your customers. Customize the content of these messages to reach your target audience and elicit your desired action. You can also entice new customers with offers and discounts.

Set up shortcodes, keywords, and content that can build your brand and engage your customers. Most importantly, track your performance by monitoring your campaign’s growth rate, attrition rate, list size, click-through-rate, conversions, and other metrics. If these sound unfamiliar and difficult to deal with, sign up with a reliable text messaging marketing service.

Use TextMyCompany’s Text Marketing Platform for Sending Texts

For most entrepreneurs, the best way to modernize marketing is to sign up for a text message marketing service. TextMyCompany is a reputable service provider that can text-enable your existing landline and set up your own account on their SMS marketing platform.


TextMyCompany’s text marketing platform automates text blasting. You can send recurring reminders or schedule text messages in advance.


With their user-friendly platform, you can easily create your own message templates. With personalized messages, you can avoid spammy and intrusive texts.


Aside from enhancing the quality and delivery speed of your messages, TextMyCompany also helps manage your contacts and subscriber list. Your database can be easily integrated with other platforms such as MailChimp.


To help optimize your marketing strategy, TextMyCompany also analyzes your campaigns and keywords. It evaluates the performance of your texting portal and generates reports that you can refer to for future campaigns.

Optimize Your Marketing Initiatives with TextMyCompany

In selecting a partner for your text message marketing initiative, choose one that understands how important customer engagement is and shares your goal of delivering only the best service to your customers.

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