Keeping up with digital marketing trends can be challenging, especially since the rapid and constant changes across the landscape. With every new algorithm update, your SEO strategies can become outdated. Brand new social media platforms are launched from time to time. This transformation has impacted the marketing industry and changed the way brands connect with audiences.

To navigate this ever-evolving terrain, it’s best to look into what lies ahead. Below are key trends that will emerge in the digital marketing space by 2023.

Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends in 2023

  1. Focus on Artificial Intelligence

By 2023 the role of artificial intelligence in digital marketing will expand. According to a report by Blueshift, up to 28% of marketers already use AI for generating product recommendations and optimizing campaigns.

In 2013, this would skyrocket even more. A large percentage of content churned on various websites would be AI-generated. However, companies can still stand out by giving their users high-quality human-written content.

  1. New Ways for Audience Targeting 

Digital targeting lets your business connect with customers from a particular demographic. Through setting audience parameters for paid ads, you get to control over who sees your content. This allows you to enjoy a more efficient ad spend, as targeting would let you invest only on audiences who would most likely buy your product or service.  You can also get more leads through Google local ads, as people now turn to different sources outside brand websites to find information.

In 2023, there’ll be additional strides in using other sources to access digital information. For example, businesses can gather consumer information from mobile applications and smart home devices like refrigerators. This would have an impact on SEO and targeted ads.

There would be more options to narrow the search even more in the future. To prepare for the future, you should invest resources in analytics and find out as much information about your customers as possible.

  1. Increased Impact of Social Media

It is no doubt that social media can supplement your marketing efforts and help you reach an even wider audience. According to Statista, a whopping 3.92 billion people use social media.

The average millennials and Gen Z hop around about seven social media platforms per month. Most marketers revealed that social media would be their central area of focus in the future. So, you should be employing different strategies to grow your business social audience to prepare for the future.

One of the ways you can do this is by working with top social media and PR agencies to build your online presence.

Gaining digital mileage has transcended posting random videos on your channel or getting your business featured in a blog. The game has changed and is still changing. To stay ahead, you have to be conscious of emerging trends. Follow these discussed tips and remain adaptive or get left behind.