A company's digital reputation is its online footprint. It encompasses what the brand posts and says online, along with what others say about it. A positive digital reputation helps you establish rapport with your clients and helps grow your revenue.

Online Reputation Management: What and How Valuable Is It?

Online reputation management entails updating online content about your company to move negative resources far down the search engine results pages (SERPs). It covers any business activities done to influence customers' perceptions of the brand. 

Your company's online reputation is largely influenced by how popular sites and social platforms present your brand. SEO and customer reviews are crucial parts of online reputation management. A competent reputation management company knows how to handle and respond to good and bad reviews.

Variables That Drive Online Reputation

Many factors affect your company's digital reputation, but the big three are:

Search Engine Optimization

If your brand doesn't rank highly on Google (or other search engines), its algorithm doesn't consider it credible. The lower your brand ranks, the less trustworthy it appears.

Over 70,000 searches are done on Google every second. The results on the first page have the most impact on the consumer's purchasing decision. Negative links—even just one—can undermine confidence in your brand.

Online Reviews

Bad reviews, whether justified or not, can hurt your business. How you respond to them can revive your reputation. Also, faking positive reviews won't help your brand as smart shoppers can tell.

Social Media

By posting relevant, interesting content, you can build a good reputation on social media. You can also use your social channels to interact with your followers regularly. There are review sections on some platforms that you should also keep an eye on.

Repairing Damaged Online Reputation

An online reputation management company can help you repair a damaged digital reputation from bad online reviews. Its legal team can impede bad search results and remove them when possible. 

Another effective strategy is to create authentic channels where you can distribute original content. If you get a poor review on the first page of SERPs, you can counter by posting informative content to push the negative review to the next page. 

Online Reputation Management Assets

Organically, website content is your most valuable online reputation management asset. As such, all your webpages must offer relevant content. 

Inorganically, you can use:

  • managed assets from social media networks
  • influential assets from news aggregators
  • earned assets from positive blog posts or news articles
  • sponsored assets from ads on Google

Organic and inorganic assets should be managed together rather than individually to increase your ranks on search engine algorithms.

Seek Help from the Experts

A bad digital reputation can be catastrophic to a company. A positive digital reputation, on the other hand, can propel it to new heights. With Reviews911, a trustworthy online reputation management company, you can ensure that your digital reputation remains on a positive track.