To get your business listed on Siri’s search results, you need to make sure that Siri can access your business information.  

A voice listing management company, such as Voice Command, can sync your business information to Siri.

Your business’ location, hours, phone number, specific products and services you offer, if you deliver will all be added to Siri.

Once your business information is added to Siri, consumers will then be able to find information about your business when doing a voice search with Siri.

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Importance of Listing Your Business on Siri

Voice search assistants are getting more and more popular, but Siri is the one that started it all. As the first virtual assistant to have popularized smart features, Apple’s Siri is a dominant force in the industry alongside other assistants such as Alexa and Google Home.  

While voice search is a relatively new technology, its applications and popularity are steadily growing thanks to its ease of use. Across the globe, millions of people make voice searches for just about everything, and more businesses realize the need to adapt to this trend.

Various voice search statistics show that the majority of voice searches request information on local businesses. To leverage this, make sure your listed information indicates your business’s location.

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