Text message marketing, also known as SMS marketing, is a simple technique that provides businesses with a way to reach potential customers and spread promotional messages using permission-based text messages. This marketing technique is an effective way to reach customers on their mobile devices. SMS messages are delivered quickly and are generally read within the first three minutes of being received, which allows businesses to distribute time-sensitive information in a streamlined manner. 

sms text keyword to short code example

With an open rate of over 98%, text message marketing is one of the most highly successful marketing tools for businesses (Gartner). Much of the success that SMS marketing is attributed to is its two core components: keywords and short codes.

Keywords: Unique words or phrases, such as “Fall20” or “Reschedule”, that trigger a follow up message and a specified action in the defined SMS communication flow. Keywords can also be used to allow recipients to opt-in to your SMS marketing list.                                                                                    

Short Codes: Short codes are the 5-6 digit numbers that customers communicate with throughout a SMS marketing campaign.  

When customers or leads opt-in to receive SMS communications, you have the ability to target a high intent group that has expressed interest in your brand or your promotions. All you have to do is cater the SMS content to the specific audiences that are being targeted. Described below are a few ways to use text message marketing to engage with recipients. 

How To Use Text Message Marketing In Your Business 

1. Promotions and Coupons  

A great way to drive sales is to send an exclusive, and normally time sensitive, promotion or coupon to your SMS marketing list. With SMS opens being nearly 5 times greater than email, you can rest assured that your communication will get the visibility it deserves.  

appointment reminder sms text example

2. Appointment Scheduling and Reminders                                        

An easy way to reduce no shows is by texting your customers appointment reminders or giving them the option to reschedule for a better time.                                      

3. Polls and Feedback                            

Customer feedback is incredibly important to a business but can be hard to obtain. Make it easy for your clients and ask them for feedback using a poll from your SMS marketing platform.                       

4. Time-sensitive Messages  

Contest sms example

Things change fast, but the average person checks their phone 47 times a day. Alert your clients of changes in your business, for example, restaurant owners can send notifications for new menu items or specials. You can also send appointment reminders to manage reschedules.  

5. Sweepstakes, Giveaways, and Loyalty Rewards

Instead of serving your recipients promotions, you can also give them the opportunity to win prizes or receive rewards for being loyal to your brand. This is a perfect way to make your customers feel appreciated, and retain your SMS marketing list. 

Things To Consider Before You Start Texting Your Customers

Before you can begin texting your customers discount codes and appointment reminders, there are a few things to consider. Solidifying your SMS marketing opt-in methods is the first order of business. If you are planning to offer SMS marketing opt-in as a part of a website form submission or in-store checkout completion, it is important that customers understand what they are opting-in to and that they can decline to opt-in. For opt-in methods that are not being handled digitally, you need to make sure the opt-in information (keyword and short code) is readily available to the customer and the instructions on how to opt-in are easily understandable.  

With your opt-in methods now setup, the next step is to offer the option to opt-out. This is typically done by sending new SMS subscribers a message to thank them for opting-in and explaining how they can opt-out.  SMS subscribers should be aware that they can respond with a keyword like “STOP” or “CANCEL” if they want to opt-out from receiving texts.                                                                   

Now that your SMS opt-in methods are set and SMS subscribers can opt-out when desired, you are on your way to building an engaged SMS marketing list. Be sure to keep in mind how specific customers are opting-in to your SMS marketing list so you can build out catered SMS flows that send relevant content and promote appropriate campaigns. Soon you will be able to send communications to a vast audience of high intent customers that are loyal to your brand.  

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