Gone are the days when your navigation app gave you vague directions and rudimentary images that had you wishing for a paper map instead. These past few years, Google has made some monumental changes to its Google Maps. They’ve introduced developments like a more intuitive interface, more detailed street views, and redesigned maps.  

Google has also introduced new features to Google Maps that emulate some of Waze’s functions. Google Maps users can now report accidents and traffic jams. They can also share information about driving hazards from road closures to road obstructions.  

So what do these changes mean for small businesses?  

How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Google Maps

There’s a way for small businesses to greatly benefit from Google Maps’ recent developments. With the app’s more intuitive interface, users can better navigate the streets using landmarks such as businesses or other well-known local institutions.  

This shows why it’s essential for businesses to present accurate and complete information when it comes to location data. Publishing incorrect data will most likely have your business overlooked as a landmark. By listing accurate details, your physical store and online presence will be more visible, making it easier for potential customers to find your business.  

Additionally, Google gives users a more personalized experience by including suggestions for places to visit or activities to do when you’re in the locality. This means businesses should publish data that’s descriptive and relevant to make it easier for Google’s network to find you.  

This data, in turn, provides consumers with a more convenient way to discover your brand. So remember to showcase your business’s unique features. These details will help Google know more about your business, making it more likely for you to show up on potential customers’ match list.

And because Google integrates reviews on its Maps app, it’s also crucial to monitor the feedback that your business gets. Reviews are truly influential. A survey shows that 91% of consumers view a brand with positive reviews in a good light. On the other hand, businesses with a lot of negative feedback or fewer reviews may run the risk of losing potential clients. To avoid this and to make your business more favorable in the eyes of customers, it’s essential to maintain a good brand reputation.  

Getting Your Business on Google Maps

Getting your business on Google Maps and other major navigation platforms like Waze, and Apple Maps is a smart way to reach more customers.

With iMapping, you can take proactive steps to maximize major maps recent developments and gain a competitive edge for your business.

iMapping collects and syncs your business information to major navigation and voice search platforms. This makes it easier for potential customers to know more about your business, from reviews to your operating hours.