You know your business’ reputation online is important however you’ve had a couple dissatisfied clients who have left 2-star or 1-star reviews. Like any good business owner, you respond to the negative reviews and do what you can to make things right, but you know the damage has ultimately been done. Your perfect 5-star rating is now down to 2-stars and you're not getting the same traffic as you were before.  In this moment of despair, you think to yourself, maybe I can just buy more Google reviews and bump my rating back up...think again!  

The Ugly Truth About Buying Google Reviews  

Did you know buying Google reviews is actually illegal? However, by doing a simple Google search you’ll come across multiple sites where you can purchase Google reviews and tons of hints on how you can hire freelancers to post reviews and boost your reputation in no time. Like most things in life, it’s too good to be true and it usually is. Those fake reviews look great at first but if your potential clients are savvy they’ll look at your business page and look into the people posting the reviews. To their surprise, some of your fans have been busy posting over a hundred reviews in a single week.  

The result of this is the loss of your clients’ trust and loyalty. Clients will be less likely to do business with you once they see you’ve been piling on the fake reviews.  

On top of losing your client’s trust and loyalty, review heavy websites like Google have been cracking down on offenders and punishing offenders by removing their Business lisiting completely off Google My Business.

Taking the Negative and Turning It into A Positive  

Your business is your pride and joy, and as difficult as it may be to see negative reviews pop up about your business, it could actually be a good thing for your business in the long run.  Think about it like this, when a customer leaves a negative review, they are actually telling you exactly what needs to be improved upon or fixed. This is great insight on how you could improve to provide even better service for future customers.  A single bad review can undo the value of 40 good customer experiences, then the best solution is to focus on customer satisfaction.

Maybe your new receptionist isn’t the nicest to your clients or maybe your table service is really slow during peak time- whatever the case is, it’s normal to receive negative reviews every once in a while. Be sure to keep an open mind as you read pass those reviews and be sure to thank customers for giving their opinion. If you only get glowing 5 star reviews you would never know about the pain-points clients have when doing business with you and you’d never have the chance to provide a better experience for your future and current customers.  

A Better Alternative to Earn Google Reviews

The easiest way to get more positive reviews is to ask and Reviews911 makes it easier than ever to get feedback from your clients. With the Reviews911 platform you are able to ask for reviews in a timely manner and in more than just an email.  Reviews911 also allows you to better manage your reviews and thanks to our proprietary technology, you are able to ask for reviews before the client forgets their experience with your business. This significantly improves your chance at getting reviews and capitalizes on the personal connection that your employees have established with the customer. Reviews911 is an easy-to-use tool for generating, monitoring, and responding to reviews all in one place.  

Do you need more help with your review generation strategy? A qualified review strategist will show you what Reviews911 can do for your business and will happily provide a complete demo of their platform so you can see the ease of use.  

Reviews911 encourages online reviews across multiple sites and will help you grow your online presence and reputation the right way!