There’s no doubt about it—SMS marketing is a lucrative way to promote your brand. Writing a business text message, however, isn’t so easy. To engage consumers, you must share the same wavelength of communication with your audience.

Learn how to write effective business text messages and maximize your marketing efforts.  

How to Improve Your Business Text Message Writing

Not only does text messaging make it easier for you to reach out to consumers, but data also shows it has higher open rates, engagements, and click-throughs. According to Retail Dive, SMS engagement rates are six to eight times higher compared to email engagement rates.

Find out what you’re doing wrong and improve your SMS messages.

1.     Find your brand voice

Every brand has a unique way of speaking and connecting with their audience. Some are friendly yet informative, while others are more professional and serious. In every written marketing message, including text, your brand voice must shine through while staying consistent across all platforms.

2.     Keep the language short, sweet, and straight to the point

Make sure your SMS message is short and easy to understand. Recipients must be able to read and respond to your text in a matter of minutes. Use around two to three concise sentences per message.

3.     Personalize the message

Address the recipient by their first name if possible, and make the interaction feel more authentic. This is very important, especially when you’re confirming appointment schedules or reminding clients of upcoming ones.

4.     Make it easy for the recipient to respond

People’s attention spans and availability are limited. If you want to ask your audience a question, don’t make it too complicated for them. Avoid asking for detailed information. Instead, go for simple yes-or-no questions.

5.     Refrain from using slang and abbreviations

Don’t use text speak—that is, avoid abbreviations like “l8r” or you as “u.” Spell out the words to prevent confusion. If your recipients don’t understand what you are saying, they will most likely just ignore your message and go about their day.

Business Text Messaging Examples

Now that you know the fundamentals of writing professional texts, you can start writing drafts for your SMS campaigns. Take a look at a few sample messages you can emulate in your campaigns.

1.     Appointment setting

If you run a service-based company, you can enable clients to schedule appointments through text. In doing so, you can handle appointments more effectively without getting overwhelmed by phone calls.


Hi [name of client]! We have you booked for an appointment on March 1, 2020 at 8 a.m. Please reply YES to confirm.

2.     Reminders

Reduce the number of appointment no-shows by using text alerts to remind your consumers about their schedule.


Hey [name of client]! You have an appointment scheduled at 8 a.m. on March 1, 2020 [date]. Make sure to be at [address] 30 minutes early!

3.     Welcome offers

Give customers who opt-in to your text service incentives. You can send your patrons special offers, rewards, and promos for subscribing to your SMS service or other programs. Through text, you may send discount and coupon codes or a link to the rewards.


Thanks for subscribing to the [name of company] text club. Here’s a 30% coupon 123456. Reply STOP to cancel.

4.     Time-sensitive offers

Inject a sense of urgency into your message to encourage your audience to get the deal as soon as they can. Given that it’s a limited-time deal, you must be clear about the timing. Add a date and time instead of simply saying “while supplies last.”


Attention VIPs! Don’t miss out on our flash sale! Get up to 70% off on products starting at 7 pm tonight. Click on the link below to start shopping. Code expires in 24 hours.

5.     Birthday offers

To enhance customer engagement and satisfaction, you need to send personal messages every now and then. That includes birthday greetings. Give celebrants good deals for the special occasion.


Happy Birthday, [name of client]! Get 25% off any purchase this month. Here is your coupon: [link]

6.     Cart abandonment

Sometimes, shoppers need a little encouragement to checkout. Use SMS follow-ups to remind them. Offer a good deal to further motivate them to check out.


Hey [name of client], we noticed that you added products to your cart, but never checked out. Use the code “Save10” to get 10% off your entire order. Code expires in 24 hours. Checkout at: [link]

Getting Started With Business Text Messaging

Effective business text messages must be simple, straightforward, and engaging. Every word you use influences the way your consumers perceive your brand and affects their actions after reading your message.

Reach out to your audience in the most modern way possible. Contact the professionals at TextMyCompany to build long-term relationships with your audience through SMS marketing.