The advantages of collecting online customer reviews are endless. From gaining new insights about your products to increasing sales and improving brand trust, any business can benefit from a credible review.

Below you will find a list of the best review websites for your business. We won’t delve into niche-specific online review sites, but it should give you a good idea of the platforms that businesses in any industry can use.

The 5 Best Review Sites

Around 82% of shoppers look at online reviews when they shop for goods from local businesses, according to a study by Bright Local. The same report revealed that 53% of consumers would consider buying from a business with no more than four stars.

1.     Amazon

Do you sell your product on Amazon? If so, you ought to customize your business page. Amazon has become a go-to platform for product research, influencing customer purchasing decisions more than you think. Make sure to add product details, testimonials, and reviews on your Amazon page to increase your chances of making a sale.  

2.     Facebook

Facebook sees around 2.5 billion active users per month, making it an ideal platform for reaching audiences worldwide. Create a Facebook Page for your business so your consumers can conveniently write reviews without having to leave their social network.

3.     Yelp

One of the most trusted review sites in the US is Yelp, which small local businesses can use to gain reviews. At Yelp, you can respond to feedback, run social events for Yelp reviewers, and provide data about your business such as health inspection scores.

4.     Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau is a highly-trusted review platform geared towards businesses in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Instead of the usual five-star rating system, they use an A-F system. It gives you greater access to candid customer feedback.

5.     Google My Business

Setting up a Google My Business page makes it easier for you to be discovered by prospects, especially when they look up your brand on Google. Customers can find reviews and ratings directly on the search results for your business, making you more discoverable.

How to Get Reviews  

You can practice these tips to improve your online ratings.

1.     Use multiple review sites

Majority of consumers will do their research before making a purchase online or offline. You can make it easier for them to learn more about your products by signing up with different third-party sites such as the ones mentioned above. With an account on these platforms, you can respond to reviews, acquire leads, and update business information.

2.     Comply with the guidelines

Review sites have different policies and guidelines which are designed to prevent fake reviews. Yelp, for instance, imposes strict rules for businesses that request reviews from customers. They use filters to remove dishonest reviews. Google also won’t hesitate to get rid of reviews that they feel violate their guidelines. To be safe, make sure to review and comply with the policies.

3.     Optimize your content

Customize any platform where customers can leave reviews—your website, blog, social networks, and review sites. Add website badges so that consumers can easily find any preferred review platforms where they can read or leave their reviews. Make your content mobile-friendly so users can easily perform product searches on their phones.

4.     Ask for reviews

Send review requests at the most ideal phase in a customer’s journey to achieve optimal results. Ideally, you should ask for reviews after positive moments in the sales funnel such as when consumers repurchase your products, tag you on social media, make a referral, or browse new products or services on your website. These are a few of the signs that you need to watch out for as they signify that a customer is satisfied enough to leave a positive review.

5.     Use a review management platform

A review management platform is an easy-to-use tool for generating, monitoring, and responding to reviews all in one place. This platform makes getting reviews for your business easier and gives you more control of what reviews actually get posted online.

6.     Provide incentives

Sometimes, all you have to do to acquire glowing customer reviews is to ask. Still, consumers who are often pressed for time might need a little encouragement. To motivate your customers to leave a review, whether good or bad, you can offer them incentives such as coupon codes, gift cards, and discounts.

Getting Started

Businesses can use a diverse range of methods to gain more customer reviews—from optimizing your presence on review sites to using a review management platform, and by providing attractive incentives.

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