In the age of social media, it’s easy to forget that text messaging remains a powerful form of communication. There’s no denying that texting offers a quick and easy yet very personal means of contact, and no matter how big or small, your business can benefit from its use.

Learn the advantages of running SMS marketing campaigns below.

Top Benefits of Texting in Business

Incorporating SMS campaigns into your communication strategy maximizes your marketing efforts. From increasing engagement rates and extending your reach to humanizing your brand, there’s no doubt that text messaging is a fundamental part of the modern business landscape.

Here are the main benefits of texting in business.

1.     Enhances engagement rates

Text messages are read more often over other forms of communication. Not only that, compared to emails, SMS messages tend to have higher engagement rates. It only takes an average of 90 seconds for consumers to respond to text messages, while it takes around 90 minutes for them to answer emails.

Although it can’t completely replace email marketing, it can still offer substantial support for your online campaigns. Its simplicity and effectiveness can establish positive customer relationships at a faster pace. Adding a sense of urgency to your messages also compels your audience to act on your latest deals, programs and more, increasing the chances of achieving the response you’re looking for.

2.     Extends your reach

Texting is an accessible feature to nearly everyone these days thanks to the age of mobile. As it requires no downloads, installation, or configurations, you can tap into audiences you may never reach through digital marketing alone.

According to SMS Comparison, 9 out of 10 consumers prefer to communicate with brands through text, choosing to receive notifications, reminders, and other messages directly on their mobile phones. This goes to show that mobile messaging is not merely an option anymore.

3.     Humanizes the brand

SMS marketing humanizes the brand by adding a personal touch to your marketing efforts and giving you the ability to create a separate image from otherwise robotic marketing techniques. It can make the brand more relatable and human, making it an amazing way to build long-term relationships with your consumers.

Even though chatbots and artificial intelligence are pretty convenient, they can’t fully emulate human interaction. Starting a two-way conversation with your audience will bring comfort, especially if they are confused. In turn, it makes you look more credible and trustworthy.

4.     Convenient

Much like other marketing endeavors, you can automate your text messages. You may schedule them ahead of time from your desktop or mobile device so you won’t have to send them manually each day. Not only that, there are tools that allow you to manage everything from a single dashboard.

Text messaging systems make the job less tedious and allow you to focus on other value-added activities that move the business forward.

5.     Highly adaptable

Another advantage of using text marketing is its high adaptability. You gain a wide array of opportunities for promoting your products and services with texting. From personalized birthday greetings to mass promotional messages, SMS marketing offers its own kind of versatility. It can be used alongside other campaigns, no matter how big or small.

Chatbots merely have a limited range of responses, whereas texting gives you more opportunity for customization and personalization that can help push conversions.

6.     Maximizes mobile usage

Mobile devices are ubiquitous in the digital era. Consumers are increasingly doing product research and shopping from their smartphones. By sending them the latest deals or time-sensitive promos through text, your audience can immediately act as soon as they receive the message.

7.     Cost-effective

Last but not least, SMS marketing is cost-effective as it requires but a minimal investment. You don’t have to break the bank to leverage the power of SMS marketing. Even when you’re sending mass text messages, the cost doesn’t have to overwhelm small businesses with limited marketing budgets.

Text messaging can even be more affordable than running other marketing campaigns. For instance, paid ads on Facebook can cost more than sending a bulk of text messages.

Making SMS Messaging Work

Businesses have a wide range of options when it comes to sending mass text messages. There’s a myriad of service providers that enables you to run all kinds of SMS campaigns, from personal birthday messages, seasonal discounts, reminders, or even simple confirmation.

TextMyCompany is an effective service providers in the US who can easily enable text messaging on your landline. Much like adding caller ID, it won’t make any changes to your equipment or your phone plan. It only extends the functionality of the service by adding SMS texting capabilities. Everything else remains the same, making adjustment simple.

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