One of the first critical steps for optimizing for voice search is claiming your voice search business listing that is accessed by Amazon Alexa.

As a business owner, you want to ensure your customers can find your company information when doing a voice search with Amazon Alexa. Below we discuss what a Amazon Alexa voice search listing means for your business, how to optimize for voice search, and how to claim your Amazon Alexa Voice Search Listing!

What a Amazon Alexa Voice Search Listing Means for your Business

Considering the way it is used, voice search may be one of the most important trends for small business owners. People typically use voice search when they're looking to do something immediately or soon, hence the urgency to speak the search rather than type it. Voice search drives actions to local businesses. It can be used to find a restaurant nearby, provide the phone number of a towing company, and even let you know the hours of a nearby dentist.  

This makes for an excellent opportunity for local businesses. A BrightLocal study found that 58% of consumers used voice search to find information on a local business in the last 12 months. Voice search makes internet surfing more appropriate and convenient than ever before.  

How To Optimize for Voice Search

As voice search grows, it becomes incredibly important for business owners to ensure their business is accessed by major voice search technology. Voice search business listings, websites, and blogs need to be fully optimized. Below are a few critical tips for optimizing for voice search:  

1. Claim Your Voice Search Business Listings

Claiming your digital presence is a critical part of optimizing for voice search. Ensure that you claim your voice search business listing that is accessed by Amazon Alexa.

You should also claim Apple Siri, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, and Samsung Bixby voice search business listings for even more reach. This way, your customers will consistently find the same information no matter what voice search platform is used for a voice search.  

2. Capitalize On Your Reviews

A voice search for "the best Italian restaurant" would only list restaurants with a 4-star-rating or more. If you would like your business to be suggested when your customers are searching for the best, then you'll need to generate reviews for your company. Generating reviews can be easy, especially with the help of a review management platform.

3. Use the Right Keywords

Speech searches contain more words – often 2-3 times longer than text searches; these are known as long-tail keywords. People are searching using full questions or sentences instead of the phrases that they usually type. When creating your keyword list for keywords to implement into the content of your website, consider long-tail keywords.  

4. Mobile Optimize Your Site

Considering many people use voice search on mobile devices, it is best to ensure that your website can accommodate for that need. That means optimizing your website content for smaller screens and increasing loading time. Ensuring your website is mobile-optimized is key to appearing on voice search.  

ClaimING You Voice SearCH Business Listings

As the popularity of voice search grows, it becomes more important than ever to have your business listed on major voice search platforms. Luckily, the team at Voice Command can get business' set up on voice search platforms and help business owners reach their customers quicker and easier than ever before. Visit to learn more about getting your business listed on Amazon Alexa and other voice search platforms!