With an estimated $124B in revenue, plumbing is the 5th ranked construction industry, in terms of market size, in the United States. The industry has also steadily grown at an average of 3% per year in the last five years. This 2021, it is expected to increase 3.7%. While these statistics show the potential opportunities for growth in the sector, they also indicate increased competition among plumbers and plumbing businesses.

To stay competitive, plumbers must strive to gain an edge to get a good share of the market. One way for them to do this is to become Google Guaranteed.

What is Google Guaranteed?

Google Guaranteed

Google Guaranteed is a program designed to help local businesses establish consumer confidence and draw more organic traffic to their sites. To be eligible for a Google Guaranteed badge, you must pass a screening and qualification process. This includes personal background and business status checks. Your business must duly registered entity that has the relevant licenses.

Once approved, Google Guaranteed may reimburse customers who are not satisfied with the quality of services. While the reimbursement is upon the discretion of Google Guaranteed, it still provides assurance to customers. So, they tend to prefer transacting with Google Guaranteed businesses.

Benefits of Google Guaranteed for Plumbers

Google Guaranteed for plumbers

1. Enhanced online visibility

As a Google Guaranteed plumber, you can run Local Services Ads. These appear on top of Google search results and are even placed above the paid ads. This gives you more visibility and more opportunities to get high-quality leads.

2. Lower ads spend

Local Services Ads support local businesses by enabling them to minimize ad expenses. You only pay for qualified leads when a customer contacts you directly through the message or call button on the ad. This is more cost-effective than pay-per-click ads.

3. Higher credibility

Because of the stringent process required to get a Google Guaranteed, businesses awarded the green badge of trust are deemed more credible than others. With your plumbing services being highly dependent on your customers’ trust, building an image of authority and reliability in the industry is vital to your growth.

4. Improved bottom line

Cutting ad costs and increasing quality leads will ultimately result to what matters most—a healthy bottom line. Your Google Guaranteed can drive your business towards better growth.  

How to Become Google Guaranteed

You must meet the eligibility requirements and undergo the approval process to become Google Guaranteed. You need to sign up as a service provider then submit the necessary documents, including licenses and general liability insurance certificate. Google will verify if you are a legitimate business in the service industry and run checks.

While the process may seem pretty straightforward, it can be a daunting task to do. You can leave all the hard work to Ads Near Me, a reliable partner for Google Local Services.  

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